How to Recover Gmail Password With Security Question

Gmail is the free email service portal created by Google. Gmail is most preferred by people around the world. It helps in sending and receiving mails instantly. It offers a friendly interface to the users, gmail could be used for corporate as well as informal email exchange at any point of time. Gmail also offers other features that can make users work more efficient.
Gmail account password recovery steps: Dial +1(800) 674-2913 or visit at: gmail customer service
gmail customer service

Step 1 To recover your password first you have to visit the official site of Gmail to log in.

Step 2 It would then direct you to the login window you will notice an option of "forgotten passwords" just below the email address option in the box ,you have to click on that option on the screen.

Step 3 Now the Gmail will verify if you are the owner of this account or not for that now you will be asked certain question, these are questions which you answered at the time of creating your account.

Step 4 In order to recover your password you must have an alternate already existing account which would might be already been recorded at the time of initiating your account or else you must have entered the mobile number to verify the verification code sent you by the Gmail.

Step 5 If you choose to recover through the secondary email address then the recovery link for your password will be sent to your alternate email you just have to open the mail and click on the recovery page. The link would then direct you to a page where in you can answer few questions.

Step 6 If you do not have any alternate email nor you have entered the phone number then in that case you will be asked certain questions by gmail which will help in recovering your gmail password.

Step 7 If you opt the method to recover your password through security questions then the user will have to answer all the questions correctly and then click on "next".

Step 8 Then you will find a window where you can enter your new password and can instantly use that password as your new account password and access through it.

By following the above mentioned steps you can recover your gmail password. The helpline number is toll free and hence available 24/7 to seek help. Users can get this number from the gmail official website.

If still any user come across any technical issue then the user can contact Gmail Technical Support number, gmail has team of skilled technicians that will assist you against all the technical issue.


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